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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tahiti es francesa

bilingual English too.)
Llegamos; Tahiti es francesa; su bandera flamea tranquila sobre tranquilas aguas; Hildefonse se colgo de mi al llegar al muelle, y Lars Vohmsted dijo " Volveras a mi, ya lo veras."
"No lo hare."- Dijo ella, besandome; yo lo senti por el tipo, que no esperaba ver a su amada en brazos de otro , pero asi son los amores modernos; no duran mucho.
Caminamos por el muelle, y algunos taxistas nos indujeron a elegir entre ellos; asi, nos subimos a un auto y nos llevo a un Hotel bastante bueno; Hildefonse me repetia que ella podia pagarlo, y ya no me preocupe mas de eso; nos dieron una suite bastante espectacular, con vista al monte Orohena, green and spectacular.

"Smell of flowers."- Hildefonse said, standing in front of the open window.
"Smell of love.:"- Said I, embracing her by the back; she leaned on me, and I felt that wonderful woman's body , warms and tender to the touch.
She went to her valises, and opening them, she said " Mostly dresses, my dear ! Some small jewels, and a Bank Account."
"For my part, just clothes."- I said, not opening my green bag, who had a pair of trousers, some shirts, underwear, a deodorant stick and a pair of scissors.
"Don't you worry ! Look: eighteen thousand dollars ! At the Bank; and of course, some more in cash."
And I saw some two thousand dollars on her purse.
"I want to see all the island ! They said it was fabulous."- She said, smiling.
I take a small leaflet from upon a table, and read :
" You will find some beautiful white sand beaches between the districts of Punaauia and Papara. The black sand beach of the Pointe VĂ©nus is the most famous of the black sand beaches located on the East coast of Tahiti."
"Sounds good."- She said, smiling. She undressed, and went to the bathroom, where she takes a shower; I went when she was going out, and while she was drying her hear, I take the bath.
"It's ten thirty ! We could visit some places before lunch."- Hildefonse said, going out of the bath. I went out of the shower, and after using the towel, I dressed myself with fresh clothes; well, not so fresh; they were wrinkled, after their stay at the bag.
She presents herself to me, with a pale green dress, and said "How am I looking ?"
"Fine, dear !"- I said, kissing her; and then we went out, to the street.
Papeete is an invigorating capital city and had a log of markets and fine restaurants; pearl shops and boutiques. She insisted, and bought me a pair of trousers and three nice shirts; also a pair of sandals.
"Please dress yourself with this ! Your old clothes are very wrinkled !"- Hildefonse said, laughing. I obeyed.
She bought some pearl collar , and said " I am fascinated with this pearls ! So beautiful; perhaps the angel of the sea its in them."
"Yes, perhaps a nereida."- I said, smiling.
Wwe lunched near the sea, with tahitian music; Hildefonse was very talkative, and I was wondering where this romance could guide me in the future...

A ver! Y parece que me olvide, y puse todo en ingles, al menos, la segunda parte; espero me perdonen los que no saben ingles, pero es que con Hildefonse usamos ese idioma, y cuando escribi en el computador que tiene la suite, me olvide de ese detalla a medio camino.
Despues del almuerzo, fuimos a mirar la playa, que es de aguas muy tranquilas; nade con Hildefonse por horas ! Los otros turistas son escasos; los naturales apenas se ven . Hay mucho turista de edad por aca; casi todos de Estados Unidos.



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