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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Breviarium Knappianus XI


1 Mundifico booked at Hotel Varela, downtown Oredloro
6 He receives secret information by Lalita at the War Ministry , that Gertrude could help him get the
7 Information he wants
8 Then he sold it to Tallius
9 He went to Oxiborion
10 Seatown
11 Then to
12 Shekik
13 Town, where he
14 Sensed the people's
15 Nervous about the
16 Possibility of spies
17 Lurking their streets.
18 Enemies of Knapp Kingdom begin
19 An attack
20 Falans they are
21 From Carina star
22 Who wages war
23 On the neighbor
24 Planetary
25 System
26 And
27 Now
28 Its the
29 Turn for
30 To seize Knappian
31 Kingdom, but
32 As the King was finishing the
33 Signature
34 With The
35 Federation of Planets
36 He was
37 Defended by them.
38 So the Falans were defeated
16511 And Mundifico attends a celebration at the Royal Gardens. The keel of the
Ship Argos is the location of Beta Carinae, home to the Falans.“

16514 He moves to Rixiaberg after buying 2 E-males and 3 E-females. There he stayed living in luxury.
57 Doctor Rubosae exchange his Orb for the Mundifico's Wagon Flier for a time
58 He made a trip
59 From Knapp to
60 Earth in two hours by a jump into Hyperspace- Chile. He bought batteries for the Synthetics while on Earth Planet.
61 He also danced and have a good time on Earth.
62 Back to Knapp.
63 He visits
64 Dr. Rubosae
65 As he want to offer money for his Orb spaceship.
66 Rubosae refused but then he died in a fire. Mundifico returns to Earth in order to repair some minor malfunctions on the Orb, at
67 The Wonorb Orb Industries-
68 Two months waiting for the repairs to be made.
69 Brandon Cornejian
70 Presents himself as an able Student, capable for the replacement of any other crew members- he had worked in the Government Mass Manipulation Center.
71 He visits Antarctica.
72 They give it back the Orb, so he take off with the Synthetics, the doctor and the Student.
73 Dr. Jaime Mauvan
74 Is hired as a doctor; he had worked at the Gob. In the manipulation of masses through electronic means.
16710 Queen Ester Of Mahlen, Princess Dhaleng. His niece Lord Flurd, chief officer at Dhaleng's Army. Domes. Lord Edoin, Minister of Agriculture, Count Drajul, Walled site, city castle, Lord Bucho, Chancellor Fagadon, kingdom of Barkisan, Larconian Keymaster of the Dungeons were there.
16712 Prince Dhaleng with her guards attacked the crew of the Orb in a swift movement they capture doctor Mauvan, Lemueldo Murita, and others.
16747 Doctor Mauvan Learns Their Language. Priests Chili and Tarken say is the Princess Dhaleng is a dangerous person.
Doctor Mauvan talks with Chancellor Fagadon
16748 And gives info about himself and his civilization
16749 The Aureans
16750 show him some god given items- he discovered in them old artifacts of his own civilization .
16751 Priests talks about this- they fear truth and not religion could reign if Doctor Mauvan explain publicly his knowledge.
16752 The priests decides Mauvan must work for them in secret. Chapter 6
16756 At the Orb, Mundifico is troubled by the kidnapping ;he sent Belone and Nicole Covarrubias to that city.
But they failed and Nicole is wounded .They return to the Orb.
16757 Mundifico moved the Orb to a place where to dig for metals.
16758 They dig.
16759 They find some gold, silver and copper.
16770 Nicole is recovered and returns to the Walled city with Belone to the rescue.
16773 Searching for the prisoners at the city.
16774 They are at the Tower of the Princess Dhaleng
16775 They fight to rescue Dr. Mauvan
16780 Nicole goes back to rescue the rest who are: Chuan Despero, Dango Etenim, Dolobre Yalus, Ebonita Inaures, Gayuna Inscite, Hunakbu Limax, Fernan Salvatierra, Inocencia Gomez, Alberto Oyarce.
16787 A the digging place
16788 Attack of the Pinacosaur
16792 They dig at the mine
16800 The big asteroid
16806 Glass is found at the asteroid
16810 They went to Earth to sold the gold at Chicago city.
16818 The gold is sold
16819 Bargaining
16820 They went to Santiago Chile Space port
16830 Pachanga Restaurant
16832 Tourism at Santiago
16835 Visiting Orb vessels. Mundifico bought 4 mining models Class ARTO3 Serial numbers ML393, ML330, ML390, ML391 and 2 mining models Class CA Serial number CA20, CA29, plus sets. At the Cullin Works Org.
16840 Mundifico at a Resort Hotel at a beach with his E-women.
16849 Mundifico hired mining drills and machines from the Cobra Corporation. Captain Urrutia of the cargo vessel "Poderoso", crew officers Pinto Bope and Diaz.
16856 On the way to the golden planet
16869 They all arrived and with Shuttle crafts the machines are lowered to the ground .The captain Urrutia returns to Earth.
16871 The miners are called ERBO834, ERBU040, DEK 0300, DEK0322, UNT0425, UNT0302, or Erbo ,Deko, Dektu, Untfive, Untwo.
16872 They went to work at the mine.
16878 The work begin
16880 Mundifico returns to the walled city, and hit several buildings with missiles and rescued the kidnapped ,firing LASER beams.
16887 They think another digging place could be better than the first.
16888 Arriving to a new place of digging, among the mountains. Gold is found.
Mundifico set course to Earth, with 8 kg of gold, 12 kg of silver, 65 tons of copper.
16895 At the solar system
16899 They arrive to Chicago and sold the metals. Brando Cornejian called his daughters, but he is not welcomed.
16903 Cornejian bought clothes
16911 Cornejian had date with a woman: Lia
16920 Cornejian went to visit Lia.
16921 Out to dance with Lia
16922 At a Restaurant Lia- Cornejian; small dance
16926 Lia returns to her place in a hurry.
16932 With Lia shopping. Later Cornejian meets Professor Wormbur, who owns some Sumerian Clay Tablets.
16947 At professor Wormbur's place, a nice daughter. He shows his cuneiform writings. Mundifico stole a tablet and sold it at a Pawn Shop.
16952 Miss Wormbur calls the Police when his father died of an earth attack, blaming Cornejian of it, as he stole an important Tablet from the deceased one. Cornejian returns to the Orb.
16965 Mundifico bought more Miners from the Oredlorian Cyborg Industries.
16966 Five miners bought. Gosse is sold .
16970 Cornejian at a luxury Hotel with 2 E-women.
16983 Cornejian escape from the Hotel with the Police on his heels- helped by the 2 E-females.
16984 Cornejian at the Orb, scared. Mundifico rents 2 E-females for the use of him and Cornejian .Holly pb 2983, Marlene. They travel back to the Golden planet, miners set to work; Cornejian on a scientific travel, lost Marlene and come back on foot and with some apes.
Cornejian informed how she was smashed her head and is not working but the body was saved.
17000 Cornejian mourns about Marlene the Synthetic female; Mundifico sees about the Apes Cornejian brought . He decides to sell them to some Earthian Zoology. Mundifico rented two Efemales at Cullin Works- another for himself and the other to Cornejian (Model AB35) to replace the one drowned at the river. Mundifico sold the Simians. They visit the city of Chicago (Earth) . They also visit Santiago Chile. NBooked at the Alfredonius Hotel, there, Mr. Uriangobo told them he knew where to find the ones who shaped the human race. The Nigerian Uriangobo gets a place on the Orb, together with his daughter . Later, Uriangobo tried to steer the Orb directly to the Anunnaki whereabouts, but was discovered and put to sleep, together with his daughter.
17001 Back to the Aurean Planet, Lulu and Belone saluted them back. Lots of gold, Pteranousaurs, 380 kgs. gold, 103 kg. Silver, 3902 kg pure copper. The Uriangobo couple gets dumped on an island, in order not to take cryiogenized people to the Anunnaki realm.
17002 Chapter 7. In search of Nibiru at Chi1ORI".
17003 They found deserted ruins at V. At II planet they find spacecraft- someone called Saracen authorized them to land near the Equator, speaking in Interlingua. When disembarking, several small beings directed them by deserted but guarded corridors to a hall where five Giants were seated on high chairs.
Mundifico presents himself as Knappian- a giant said they only know about Earth humanoids. Cornejian (as an Earthling) thanks them for the granting of intelligence.
17003. Kirio (Anunnaki) asked if humans aren't satisfied with the life they get.
Another giant said 9.000 years had passed since his race abandoned the Earth. Another said life is the ultimate goal to be enjoyed. Then they were dismissed.
17004. Chapter 8. Colonization of Aurean planet. Reggie said two months takes the trip to the Aurean planet from there. Mundifico and Cornejian put to hibernation - a small Grey went out of a compartment- the Anunnaki wants to know where the Knappian lives, in order to watch them too! Reggie explains they accepted to take him on board, or else the Orb would have been retained for ever at Chi1OR-2. Then she killed the Grey with a LASER beam.
17005. They take the naturals before the entrance to the Aurean Planetary system. At the mine, some workers were in bad shape, with the excess of work.
17006. At Earth, where they replaced the Workers for others in working order.
Mundifico went to speak with Mr. Peacock who receives his application to be Administrator of the Aurean Planetary System.
17009. Peacock writes it down- a sun class 1, places at Brana 2, Coordinates jdi00ks- xis29029 at 932 parsecs from Earth (plus Jump). Five planets.
17019 Peacock finds him acceptable, after revising his affidavit.
17020 The name was Star System Aurean, II planet, Aureo, he obtained the Mandate and its obligations.
17024 They bought some more spaceships and returns to Aurean Planetary System.
17025 They had five hunters and a Cruiser around planet V- also orbital Stations on every planet.
17036 Minning operations at the Third planet. Detected were seven strange spaceships. Kette informed that at the next planetary system (nine inhabitable planets) are dangerous neighbors.
17037 Mutiny at the orbital Station around planet 3- reduced with the help of captain Eforn and several Hunter spaceships.
17038 Admiral Marlo Foss.
17040 Kette explained the Synthetics at the Orbital Station were tampered by the enemy.
17041 At the new Cruiser, Mundifico is worried.
17042 Admiral Marlo says forty Synthetics were infected.
17044 Three fighters at Aurean III , the rest with the Cruiser to the Second planet.
17045. Two enemy vessels incoming. the bigger one is hit by a C Beam from the Cruiser and exploded.
17046 C Rays destroyed another big alien spaceship, the last is boarded and the crew captured - they are aliens of 3 eyes, no head, stump instead of legs.16 prisoners, Energy and figures of the alien vessel differs from known artifacts of flight.
17049 Mundifico talked with Reggie- Lulu is calling.
17050 Lulu show him new buildings and mines.
17051 Cornejian said he is working hard administering Banks and Firefighters Stations.
17052 Cornejian believe more in Naturals than in Synthetics to organize the System. Mundifico gives him the title of Minister of Foreign affairs. Cornejian prefers to be the major of Aurean Town.
17053 Cornejian accepts the title, for a while. Mundifico also nominate him Governor of Aurean Town. Cornejian believe in Socialism.
17054 Cornejian is building a Capitol Building.
17055 Cornejian talks about Hitler plans- he had a memory chi[p in his brain. Mundifico said he was not going to be an avenger but a Administrator.
17056 Cornejian urges him to visit the neighboring planetary system and take revenge.
17057 Mundifico want to appoint Kings in his hew Empire. General Mervio, Admiral Marlo are astonished.
Kings by planets: Fifth planet = Lulu; Fourth = Belone; Third = Reggie; Second = Cornejian; First = Kette.
And Mundifico is the Emperor with the seat of Government at the Second planet (the only with breathable atmosphere).
17061 Aurean City on planet 2. Admiral Marlo to Fifth planet.
17062 Mundifico asks for two more Cruisers. The first to appear in a week.
17063 4.000 people on the Fifth planet (2200 Naturals).
17064 Other sites are being tested for ores.
17065 Mundifico want more Orb spaceships. Lulu is in charge of Acquisitions.
17069 Lulu informs that there are Natural females in the staff.
17070. Lulu presents Technicians to Mundifico.
17071. Blueprints.
17073 Miss Arandula (chief Architect) and some other Natural females present.
17074 Dinne with Arandula .
17075 She cannot be a virgin..
17076 Mundifico flirted with Arandula.
17077 Mundifico dance with Arandula.
17078 Mundifico and Arandula visiting the Second mining field in the Orb- they kissed each other.
17080 Enemy ship approaching. The Cruiser sounds the alert.
17081 The enemy fired upon them.
17082 One lesser alien vessel destroyed. The Cruiser was hit and exploded. The Hunter vessels arrive- 6 Hunters.
17084 Captain Masados want to fight but Mundifico ordered the retreat to the Second planet. Lady Arandula is on the Orb.
17085 King Belone of the Fourth planet.
17086 Civil administrator Wallak of the Orbital Station at IV planet. Aurean planet, Aurean city, Arandula want to go, but Mundifico find it hard to obey.
17087 In orbit of IV planet.
17088 Fighters in orbit of the IV planet awaits the new cruiser in four days elapsed time. Esfran , captain, said enemy is plundering the V planet.
17089 Captain Rodrigues said they must prevent the new Cruiser about the presence of the alien fleet at V planet - four days to the arrival of the Cruiser.

*More to come.



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