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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


SF by Alfred Juillet Frascara.
October 11, 2009. EMRM.

Captain Shilar from the space freighter “Kongovelga”.
First Officer Chinfong.
Miss Patrice, her mother Salvia and his fiancée Dulles Moriat
Vendor from the factory “Rising Sun Industries”: Mr. Ki Fuson
professor Fudge and his students: Mary, Eleonor, Cantogar, Fishburn, Gotogo and Askiforgion.

Chapter One.
Fighting their way to Fagakon

Shilar was hoping the cargo bay would be enough for the cargo he just said he could carry to Holobarnio 3; there were enough people there to see if he try to dump the exceeding- there were lots of stuff on those craters- enough for this Company to make more money than they already had.
“Guess the cargo will be replenished before long, Chief. Why don’t we use the cabins? We could sleep in mid air, as you know it.”- Chinfong said, with his singsong voice.
“Of course; tell them if they cannot put more boxes on the main hold.”- Shilar said, in low tones- he was not going to show he was nervous.
It was then that one of the clients come to him and said:’ well, guess you have a nice spaceship, Captain Shilar! Our cargo is in the best of hands.”
Shilar was not sure if the guy was joking or what, so he just grumbled. The man smiled and went away, walking by the pavement of the Chicago Spaceport.
“Wish they all go the same way that man is going now.”- Shilar said, and soon the rest of the clients follow that solitary man: the spaceship was ready to depart.
“See, chief? The cabins are full of merchandise now; we could sleep on the corridors or perhaps on our seats- at the main cabin.”- Chinfong said, rubbing his hands.
“Well, guess I’ll be more worried when traveling than I suppose! The new nacelles are not too reliable.”- Shilar said, remembering the old ones- made in Earth, not like this new ones, made in Fagakon, the planet at Orion Delta, where they were shipping cheap products to all the Federation of planets.
“Yes, they are! I read a leaflet saying this are improved. The old ones were not reliable.”- Chinfong said, defending Fagakon products- because, mainly, the populace there was extracted from China (Earth) and were working day and night to improve those colonies in outer space.
“We’ll see when flying away! By the way, have you the course ready?- Captain Shilar asked.
“Yes! The main computer made a fine route to Holobarnio 3! You’ll be surprised when knowing the necessary fuel will be negligible!”- Chinfong said.
“Don’t tell me we are going to travel out twisting our course around planets and stars from here to there! Plenty of troubles could come from stray asteroids! “- Captain Shilar said, remembering how so many spaceships were smashed to pieces when finding huge rocks in their way.
Captain Shilar went to sleep, while Chinfong was in guard; the arrives to a corridor’s end, where he takes his dinner from food canes; he was not able to buy the expensive food processors. He finished his meal and attached to a cord, not to wander asleep in mid air. He soon was asleep, with the several tiny grinding noises the spaceship does usually.
Hours later, he was awaken by his Assistant’s voice, who was saying:’ Captain! There’s someone here who wishes to speak to you!”
He saw a beautiful lady looking at him with wide eyes; Shilar realized he was hanging head downward, attached to the cord, that really prevents him to drift through the corridor while asleep. He yanked at the cord, and he bumped his head in the process; he stands at a corner, enraged with Chinfong who was looking at him patiently.
“Good morning, Captain Shilar! I am Patrice Herbion, Lawyer. I wish to travel to Holobarnion 3 with my mother and other person.”- Said she.
“This is not a commercial flight, nor a Liner, but a Freighter. Also, we have no spare cabins for you or any passengers, Lady. – Shilar said.
His Assistant intervened, saying:’ Pity you cannot take them on this flight, Captain! She is offering eight million Credits.”
Shilar said:’ Pfiew! Impossible! “- That he said, knowing that the cheapest Liner asked seven million Credits to each passenger for that distance, and Freighters asks half the sum- for one passenger- and the Lady was talking of three of them.
Chinfong added:” For each of them!”
Shilar was surprised- this woman was really
In a hurry to leave the planet or she would wait for the next Liner.
“And why don’t you buy tickets in a commercial flight? Too much luggage?”- Shilar asked.
She promptly replied:’ the next trip on a commercial flight is scheduled for six weeks later! And we need to be at Holobarnium 3 in a hurry!”
“I can’t refuse your money, Miss Herbion! But I have no cabins whatsoever!”- Captain Shilar explained, gesturing with his open hands.
“We could lodge them at the Infirmary, Captain! In any case, we don’t have a Nurse.”- Chinfong proposed.
“Very well! Show her the place! If she likes it, the deal it’s donned.”- Shilar accepted the suggestion.
“Thanks you, Captain! I appreciate this, as we are in a hurry to depart.”- Miss Patrice Herbion said, warmly. She was happy to have found a way to leave the planet Earth in a hurry. Her mother was waiting at the “Pinera Hotel”, and she receives the new with pleasure, saying:” I knew you will find a way! When shall we depart?”
“The first officer told me that they are about to depart! So please, mum, take all the valises with you when coming to the Space Port with Dulles.”
“Oh! He went out a couple of hours, now! I will wait for his return, and then we’ll be heading there.”- Mistress Slavia said.
Patrice was very nervous and went to the Hotel to pick up her mother and her fiancée to the Space Port; she was afraid the Captain could take off in the spaceship without her; at the lock, he tells Chinfong not to depart until her return.
“Don’t you worry, Lady! We will wait for you.”- Chinfong said, smiling- he was sure the Captain was not able to take off yet- lots of payments to make, before the Control Tower could permits him to go.
Shilar was already paying, using the computer in line; his Bank account receives the payments and now he was looking how almost every Credit was going out to his Creditors…
More of this later.



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