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Monday, November 19, 2007

Tut Ankh Amon and the broken nose riddle.

Tut ankh Amon and the broken nose riddle .

Broken noses...

"Well, I guess I cannot stand it any longer ! Why there are so many statues with broken noses in Egypt ?" - Lesner said, while looking at the sea.
"Why is it that the big ones and the smaller ones had their noses hammered down ? Is it that some storm choose all the statues to be maimed like that ? Why nobody in the whole wide world didn't say a word about this ? "- His girl friend asked, next to him.
"When uncle Napoleon went there, the Sphinx was intact, after so many millenia; years later, the Sphinx was without a nose ! Abu Simbel, etc., the same tale. "- Lewis said, sipping a little whisky.
" I guess there is one culprit here. One guy who infected the whole Arabian world with phony ideas (until to-day) : there will be no human image, as it is a blasphemy against G'd. - Debbie said, who was playing with a brown cat.
" And the whole Arabian World takes lots upon lots of hammers and begin maiming the whole Egypt 's tombs and statues , getting ride of noses !!- Lesner said, accusingly .
"Are you sure ? They said Arabs are a very sophisticated people, with a lot of respect for the deads ! Look at that fat Egyptian, who is in charge of the whole lot of tombs ! For ever he is lecturing us about the rich inheritance they had there, and how he could not be refering about this maiming and hammering they did ?"- Lord Westinghouse said, arriving with a black cat, the same that eats all the marmalade yesterday morning.
" Arabs a sophisticated people ? "- Debbie repeated, making a grimace.
"Of course ! They cannot be the culprits of it all !"- Lord Westinghouse said, making me alert : the guy was not even here when the conversation begin, and he knew what he didn't heard !
" I guess the religion makes people do strange things. Like to destroy what they didn't build. Remember Pizarro in Mexico."- Lesner said.
"Religion ? No, no ! A man with a religion - meme in his head, is the most educated man ! A real saint ! "- Lord W. said, asking the waiter for a whisky.
" A saint ? And what about the Crusades ?"- Lesner remembered.
" Oh, but the Crusades were only to recover the Holy Places ! I guess they ask for permission, and it was granted, once. "- Lord Westinghouse said, receiving his glass and drinking it in one big swallow.
"More". - He asked the waiter, who was standing near him.
"We run out of whisky, Sir. We have only Pisco and lemon."- The waiter said.
"Ah ! A Chilean drink ! Pour me a straight Pisco, then ! I cannot stand lemons."- Lord Westinghouse replied.
"Hoky doky!"- The waiter said, running to the bar.
"This fellows have no education, this days ! "- Lord Westinghouse said, looking at the bartender with a brow lifted "a la Spock".
"What, the Arabs?"- Lesner said, thinking he was winning the argument.
"Oh, no ,my old chap ! The Bartenders."- Lord Westinghouse said, collapsing on a wheel chair , while the black cat jumped away .

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