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Saturday, April 12, 2008


There are a number of Theist on YouTube who are trying to denied there is No one up there, by attacking the ones who saw through logic what they cannot . Of course, to believe or not in a personal God is something we could choose , and perhaps in our youth we have little option to think it much, and also when we are working 9 hours a day in order to rise a family; but when old, we certainly have more time and experience to think this important matter over; and why it's important?
Because we were implanted with ready made ideas not of our own, not based on logic, but on faith. Faith, as we know, it's to believe in something that it's not proven. In the case of the idea of a god, or gods, there is no prove whatsoever, except a book, and the sayings of some guys who lived 2000 years ago, who "wrote" an appendage to the old book of the Jews, saying the son of God appears to them in person, was resurrected from the deads and now is making houses for them all. After they wrote those books, the Roman Empire choose which lectures could be added and which others don't. And erased this and that, trimming this and that, and bingo , you mob could begin to pray.
As I said once, and I repeat again, the idea of a god supervising everything is a meme. A creation of mankind in order to shun the idea we all must to die for ever- and in that way, soothing the neurosis that fact is making us suffer.


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