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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Knapp 4 The Ghamcounings .

Knapp 4
I will post an entire tale here, in instalments. SCIENCE FICTION tale.
Chapter 1 to 4 goes Here:
KNAPP 4SF Written by Alfredo Juillet Frascara.
CharactersGhamcounins :Emperor Great Tuboloso ; Empress Queen Magata . Gorg02, father of Ducko308, pretender to Princess Misiga ; Sicka9 , third daughter of Count Lugulone ; Rocko308, Captain Pevon of the spaceship ....; first officer Kream, Radar squid Sedolf, Organio ,first Minister; Chamberlain Uuk, Minister of the War : Suiarel; General Saibon; Places Knapp 3 , Submarine City of Gritia .
UNDER the waters of the Sea of Nigritia , A BIG city, build on rock, exists. Their inhabitants are the Ghamcounins, and they are ruled by the Princess Misiga, daughter of the Great Tuboloso, great squid and Emperor of the Thousand Seas.Princess Misiga was attending a meeting with her Ministers ; also present at the Golden Tank was her first Chamberlain, and old member of the Royal House, and appointed by the Emperor himself ."I open the Session Number 302 in the name of the Great Tuboloso , my father who is in ..."The interruption was the usual one : " Menab!" , the big city on planet Gaso , an aquatic realm in the Constellation of the Horse."The current flow is weak. Please, Chamberlain Uuk , made it stronger."- The Princess Misiga ordered him.Turning pale, the Chamberlain moves to a 10992corner of the Golden Tank, and twisted to the right a big knob ; the flow increased , the water brought more oxygen to that Chamber."That' s it , Chamberlain Uuk ! We don't want to catch a cold !"Some of the Ministers expelled bubbles, signifying they were amused by her phrase ."Let's begun by the trifling matters ! I love to hear gossips first; serious questions first, ruined the merriment for the whole session."- Princess Misiga assured them, moving a tentacle up , to secure her crown in place.Chamberlain Uuk said:" There was that Senior officer of the Royal Guard, that was caught at the bedroom of one of your Ladies in attendance ; the Maid refuses to speak, but the Officer stands to Trial and confessed his crime; he is awaiting your verdict : the Court is condemning him to thirty years as an officer aboard a Spaceship attached to the Second Army."Several Ministers expulsed bubbles of ink , representing the case was a serious one; the Second Army was located at the worst sector of the Galaxies : The Hominoid Sector !10093Princess Misiga gulped, farted , and a yellow bubble went upwards and to the left; she composed her crown once more, and said :" I think it's a very harsh decision ! But, also love comes first ! I'll pardon him of twenty nine years ! Let's give him just one year at that awful Sector ! And, Chamberlain, you can tell me the name of the Maid , now ."'She was the one named Elecantre, Your Majesty !""Her ! The most robust of my Maids ! "- She giggled, and everyone laughed - the sound was like uncork several Champagne bottles at the same time ..."Tell Elecantre I give her a lease ! See that she is embarked at the same spaceship in which the senior officer is in ! Perhaps they'll find consolation in each other!"- The Princess Misiga commanded, eating afterwards a small clamp, and then added :" Let's hear our Prime Minister, now !"Orgarnio 304, the Prime Minister, moves his fat tentacles , and with a red glint in his unique eye, said, among burbling sounds :" My Princess : nothing worth the trouble is happening in this Royal City of Gritia ; the cloaking device are functioning in correct order ; the alien satellites in orbit are already tampered by us and cannot give advise about us here. 10994"Very well ! Let's hear our War Minister !"- Said the Princess Sicka9. "Your Highness : we had received two more cruisers ; with them, we had a battle force of six cruisers, two dreadnoughts and two hundred and two hunter spaceships ; with them we are able to comply with your father, the Emperor Tuboloso , and at the same time , rested assured no enemy force could defeat us easily ." - Gor 20 said, among some expelling of bubbles."And your finances ? Now, with more vessels, the expenses must be greater."- Princess Sicka9 said."Of course, Your Highness ! But we have our soldiers harvesting fish and mollusk when not on maneuvers ."- The War Ministry Gor20 said."Clever idea . Let's hear about Health ! Minister of Health, what are the news you can offer us ?"- Princess Misiga asked of him."We have enough Doctors and Nurses to be sure any disease could be cured within sight. As our Spaceships scouts the Heavens , we are almost certain no ship from the Grey could arrives here to spread unknown diseases . With our Hospitals , we could assert you this : Your subjects will be coming of age without uncertainties !""I see . We seems to be fine ; our Ministry of Finances is going to spoil our orange view of life."- She said, blinking her only eye ...The Ministry of Finances moves his big bulk and said :" We have enough for our expenses ; people now lives frugally and their luxuries barely exists ; our populace grows and there's enough food for everyone, if only not diversity is available . Our slave workers made us rich in the past, but now that fish flour is minimal ; humanoids avoid our traps, and each month we have less and less workers.""Our Army should find more subjects ! There's a human Kingdom in this planet... "- Princess Misiga said." Yes, the .... Kingdom ! But it's in dry land, and far away from our resources . Perhaps using Flying Saucers or Orbs , we could capture some specimens ."- The War Minister said.10998"I accept new acquisitions of slave labor . See to it."- The Princess Misiga said ; then she swim out of the room, going along by the tunnels , seeing small fishes scurrying by the small windows that communicate every sector of the Palace with the open sea. That was peremptory , as the flow of currents were necessary to ensure the purity of the water . At her Royal chamber, her cousin Hohelaa was waiting."Hi, royal cousin ! Tired after a political reunion ?"- Hohelaa asked of her. "Not quite, dear cousin ! It's invigorating to work for the community ! It gives a sense of importance to our daily work. "- Princess Misiga answered promptly . "Oh, I see you area a good ruler ! But now, tell me where are we going to be this afternoon."- Hohelaa asked her."Let's go to White Waters ! A fine place, I assure you."- The Princess Misiga said.Soon they were traveling in a safe Sphere, manned by two officers of young appearance . Soon they were at the place ; the white sands , near of the surface of the sea, for scant twenty meters , was a nice inspiring place; rocks and corals were also in view , and thousands of smaller colored fishes were there to be seen and also, admired.The Princess didn't wait for the Security Guards , and swim away over the white mounds; she eats three golden fishes in a row, while her cousin Hohelaa chase bigger fishes - without any luck."Oh, this is wonderful !"_ Hohelaa said, approaching Princess Misiga."I see you want to catch the big fishes, and disdain the smaller ones ! Is it the same in the field of romance ?"- Princess Misiga asked."Of course, Illustrious Cousin ! I must be choosy when thinking of a partner, who knows ? The friend of to-day could be the husband of to-morrow ?"11000The Princess throw some ink, and said :" Romance ! The forbidden word ! I cannot think of a romance ; my father will appoint me a husband , in due time !""What a pity , Honorable Cousin ! But I'm sure your father, my uncle, will choose as best as you !"- Hohelaa said.The Princess Misiga made a movement with her larger tentacle; in her inner self, she was thinking that her father could choose right or wrong, but it was her the one who should be mating with the chosen one !Members of her retinue brought her beautiful fish to eat; then they went down a chasm, for only 110 meters ."It grows darker and darker ! How curious it is , that a delightful place could be so near to an abyss !"- Princess Misiga commented.A strong current flows up from the deep; the guards positioned them in a lower level, hoping she didn't want to go any deeper ."It would be interesting to see what lurks in the profundities."- Hohelaa said."Too dangerous, Milady ! Strange beasts are lurking in the darkness of this abyss !"- Said 303, one of the Personal Guards to the Princess Misiga."Your Majesty: here is one person who went down not a year ago: his name is Virg300 ; Do you want to hear his story ?"- The Chief of the Guard, Dammas01 asked her."Guess it'll be amusing to know what is under our tentacles."- Princess Misiga replied."Usually, Your Majesty, there is sand and 11003blind fishes; but we found a rocky surface, with many a crustacean ambling among hot springs .""Must be terrible to see ?"- Princess Misiga asked."Dark works and two meters long crustacean lies below. They had big pincers ; one of the team lost two of his tentacles , while observing the small creatures at the mouth of the crevice ! A giant lobster come from behind, and attacked him !""What an horror ! Suddenly, I don't want to be there ."- Lady Hohelaa said, expelling some ink. Princess Misiga moves quickly up and away of the chasm , and they all followed her to the sunny yellow sands and gentle fish that so near of that abyss lie.
Doctor Zepter Zeit was drinking his cup of tea, when the door bell rings - Electrowoman AIL32 opened the door, and seeing Dr. Lacetur Graf with Ewoman Sodpa7386 , said :" Dr. Graf ! Welcome! Would you please come in ?""Ailthree ! Good to see you ! How is our Doctor to-day ?"- Lacetur asked , walking inside the living room ."Fine, thanks you ! I'll call him right away ; he'll be happy to see you."- AIL32 said, and went to tell Dr. Zepter Zeit about the visit; the Doctor was studying a fossil under a 389020 magnification microscope."Hello, old friend ! Glad to see you!"- Zeit said to Lacetur Graf, handshaking the man."I come here to tell you we are in great turmoil, at the University ! Dean Williams is going to send a team to old planet Knapp! And he invited us to join in !"-The eyes of Zeit shine for a second, but then his glow diminished, as he think about it; then he said :" But we aren't young now ! Fifteen years had passed, after our last effort in helping our civilization win the war against the Elocorotes !"Lacetur Graf seats at an armchair, saying :" Well, of course we aren't able to fight dragons anymore ! Remember the installations of Project He'rab ?""Of course I remember ! We worked four years at that location."- Zeit grunted out."Don't you want to see the site, again ? I'm sure I'll rejuvenate fifteen years , by just seeing the same place again !"- Lacetur Graf said."Count me in ! When to we departed ?" - Zeit said, smiling .11005
CHAPTER THREEThe Minister of the War was hovering near a hot spring, in the underwater city of Ogush. Near him, his retinue of eighteen soldiers was alert. He was waiting for the Chamberlain Uuk, who was late for the appointment. After another eighteen minutes, the brownish squid appears, with a young female attendant."Good afternoon, Minister Suiarel ! Sorry for my delay; I was ready to come, when our Princess wishes for red clams ! I had to deliver it myself !""I see. Well, honorable Chamberlain, I am here to tell you about some important matters , without witnesses."- The Minister of War said."Of course, I'm all hears."-"As you know, we are governed by a female. War is not her bidding; weapons are distrusted by her - she had always mistrust weapons. But I had received a secret message from general Saubon , telling me there is some crafts coming this way."- Minister Suiare said." Some courtesan of the big Tuboloso 's palace ?" - The grand Chamberlain guesses."No, no ! More dangerous than that ! A hominid class 034 vessel !"- Minister Suiare informed."Class 034 ? Scientific vessel, I presume ?"- The Chamberlain remembered a little ."That's right , honorable Chamberlain ! A scientific team in our waters could mean our enclosure here could be over ! You know, the Great Tuboloso don't want to mingle , or make war, with those hominids ! "- The Minister of the War Suiarel said."I remember his sayings ! "- Chamberlain Uuk acknowledged ." Yes ! He said the Hominid race is invasive against the ecosystem, and bellicose ! They fight each others before going out of their planet and begin warring against the alien races." - Minister Suiarel said."Warmongers." - The Great Chamberlain remembered ." Of course ! They use money to assist their society; one individual not only receives what is enough and necessary for his subsistence , but also accumulates goods, furniture , properties, shares , but also money ! A very unjust society !" - The Minister of War Suiarel said."In our society there are some who possess huge properties , too ."- The Chamberlain said."You mean, at the Court ? But they seldom inherit their properties ! In our case, the increasing of wealth is very restrained . "- The Minister of War said."And what do you intent to do , with respect with the Hominid Invasion ?" - Chamberlain Uuk asked ."Fight back ! We cannot aloud them to disembark and did as they please in our planet here ! Look at our underwater city of Gritia ! How many costly buildings ;thousands of subjects milling and thriving along ! We cannot loose it all !"- The Minister of War said."Are you willing to fire a missile against a Scientific Expedition ?"- Chamberlain Uuk asked, twisting tentacles in horror . "Of course not ! But we can prevent its arrival here. I don't want more hominids in this planet !"- The Minister of War said."We should inform the Princess about your project ."- The Chamberlain said."My Project is based on technology at a distance . One laser beam here, other there, and the Hominids will never reach this planet ."- Minister Suiarel said.Afterwards, the Princess Misiga was duly informed and she approves the Project."I assume we aren't killing them ? A Scientific team seems not a threat to me."- Princess Misiga said."Your Majesty : Hominid scientists are the worst menace in the Galaxy ! A hominid called Einstein , a scientific, together with another called Fermi , build a fusion bomb , that was deployed twice above two very populated cities, at the other side of their world, and against their own race !"- The Minister of War put that example, to widen his Princess 's views about the Hominid morals (Or lack of them).Princess Misiga expulsed some ink, saying :" I guess I heard it before."A flying disc was sent to intercept the hominid manned spacecraft .
Expedition team composed of :Dr. Zeit, Dr. Graf, Dr. Osben, 27 Scientists, 25 Emen ( Eforden ) and Ewomen.
Two ice caps at the poles, one continent in the Equatorial sector.The "Saint Leonor" departed from Janarvia with Dr. Zeit, Dr. Graf, Dr. Osben and twenty seven other University of Gritia chosen Scientists, plus twenty five Emen and Ewomen."This expedition will come back in a month. There were no more money to made it longer ."- Dr. Zeit, the Chief of the Expedition, said. "For me, a month will suffice ". - Dr. Graf said, as he takes the whole trip as a tourist does.They jumped the Branas, and when approaching the Knapp planetary system, they heard a bang over the hull. "What was that ?"- The Electro - pilot asked the Computer .11009"DIRECT IMPACT. A FAST METEORITE, OR A MISSILE ." - The Central Computer informed ."Damage control : tell me if the impact provokes other damages."- The Pilot asked to the Main Computer.'DAMAGE AT SECTORS TWO AND FIVE . REQUIRED ASSISTANCE IMMEDIATELY."- The Main Computer said.11010Soon they sensed the Brana engines. At that room, one of the generators begin to give smoke ; Eforden, the man in charge, stop the current, and the extinguishers begin pouring the mix over the machine, in order to quench the fire. The Jump directed the Spaceship back to the original Brana. Sensors begin to tick, and soon the Pilot said : "We 're back at our Janarvian planetary system !"The doctors were disappointed ; the spaceship landed at the Cosmodrome of Gritia , and the chief of the Expedition, Dr. Zeit, said :" Doctors : There is no possibility of another trip, due to economical circumstances ! Sorry, and farewell !" And that ends the intent of University of Gritia , or to take notes on a planet on a different Brana !11011

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