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Sunday, August 27, 2006


What a time ! First it was the bad weather, and now the bad happenings. But I will not speak of that.
I'll speak about the time. Some time ! Well, in the old times, the time was mentioned by the Christians just to say there was a finite time ahead of every believer, and that the Universe was a fixed organism.
Then, time keep on passing, and the scientists beguine to say time was not real, and it all depends on the velocity; Einsteins was the guru in that time.
Several decades later, scientists said there was expansion in the Universe, Branas and strings, so time could be different in the different branas, and also, Time was made second by second when the big bang exploded. So, time is a product of movement.
You cannot travel by time, Hawkins said; and also he said there is no way you can produce a warp drive "a la star Trek" ; sorry, Hawkins said.
Time is ticking. People with more than five decades beguine to be worried about time; the endless procession of days and months beguine to had a creepy sound; looking right and left, the older people beguine to see there are a lot less guys marching alongside him. A lot were dead in his forties, a greater lot in his fifties, and so on. He is stepping in false ground , here ! And nothing to do.
Some takes the raft of religion, some others just live their lives scared stiff.
Guess time is guilty of all this; and the bodies, who happened to be born in a planet, son of the big bang and all that jazz.



Blogger C. Stirling Bartholomew said...

Yes after more than five decades time becomes a problem. You have too much time and the time is short.

27/8/06 22:11


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