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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Verne in English

She arrives to a river. Several bridges crossed it .
- Hey, Miss ! - Said to her a fat man of about fifty
- Yes ?
- I speak English ! How are you?"-
Uhura smiled, looking at the guy who was staring at her
- Fine, at last someone speaks English, Where I am ?"
- At a planet managed by some aliens that seems like
elephants! We, all the people here, are abductees ! From
which country do you came from?"
- Chile. But I was in the Star Fleet."- Uhura answered,
seating at a boulder. From there she could see the river
flows, with clear water glistening under the sun.
- Nice river, eh? In Santiago the Mapocho is very
similar to this river, except that the water is very muddy."
- Do you know I was in another city of this planet? I
was captured trying to escape, and the Terlugian brought us
here. But I see not my comrades."-
- Pity. I hadn't seen any gringos around here. But here
are too many people."- The guy said.
- My name is Uhura. Which is yours?
- Alfredonius. I was riding a bicycle when this gents
takes me . They used a tractor beam on me, you know ? Bad
joke, I was working for the first time in eleven years ! "-
The guy said.
- Pity. And where were you?
- In Buenos Aires. You see, I love that city, do not ask
me why. The sea isn't visible from that city, just the muddy
river Parana. But the air was so sweet and..."
- You are not from Argentina ?"
- No ! I am from Chile, but you see, there..."
Uhura pay not too much attention to the garble of that
man, as she was seeing one of the "Verne" crew members
walking by the bridge. She stand up, and called" - Federico
The aforementioned man looks in her direction, and run
to embrace her.
- At last a known face ! There are lots of Latinos, here
!"- Federico said, looking at the fat guy, who were looking
at them half smiling.
- Who is he ?
- Oh. I met him here, some minutes ago...He is a
Chilean."- Uhura replied.
- Ah. Well, the Terlugian defeated us ! We are scattered
here, I guess, and the vessel we were repairing ...who knows
where it is ? By the look of it, very well it could be in the
other side of the planet !"- Federico said.
Uhura and Federico went to her apartment, leaving the
Chilean seated at the boulder...
- We must try to reorganize our group. We will be going
out every day for that purpose."- Federico said, seated at
her bed.
- Are you living close by ? I need a male near me. This
Latin people are staring at me all day long ! Also I found a
couple of guys seated right here, ion my bed, chatting as if
they were at a Cantina !"- Uhura exclaimed.
- Bad thing. I will move as closer as I could."-
Federico said.
- O.K., but it's dusk already. Why don't you stay here
to-night? You can use the other bed. Or I will not blink an
eye in all night."- She grinned.
- It's all right for me. I have no belongings, no ship
and no followers"- Federico muttered.
- Patience ! Perhaps in this city we could find a better
way to escape from this planet !"- Uhura said, putting a hand
on his head.
They eat from the food dispenser, and they bedded in
their beds.
Nobody enters the room in all night...
At dawn they went out, and searched until noon for
another crew member, but for not avail. They did find
Alfredonius, who were at the same bridge.
- Hi ! "- He said.
- Are you waiting for someone?- Uhura asked him.
- No. Or, yes . I was waiting for you. But you are now
with that German."- He said, as Federico was seated with
their legs into the water, some 30 meters away.
- He is no German. But now that you said it, it looks
like a German."- Uhura laughed.
- Nice to see you laugh. Yesterday you were worried."
- And I am still worried. You see, I have a very old
friend, that wasn't captured at the other city, when we were
trying to escape. He is the one that I miss."
- So, the german...?
- I have nothing to do with Federico ! He was the leader
of the team."- Uhura explained.
- And how you were wanting to escape, if it is not too
much to ask ?
- In a crate. We were going to travel in a crate that
was to be beamed up to one of the Terlugian vessels in
- Don't tell me ! You could very well die of cold ! This
people, the Terlugian, used their robots a lot ! And tell me,
for what purpose a robot needs a temperate ship?' - The guy
- For not to freeze, you jerk !"- Uhura replied ,
- Now, don't get angry with me. I am not responsible for
your failure."- The guy said.
Uhura walked to Federico, and placed an arm on his
shoulders, more to the benefit of Alfredonius than for real
friendship with the ..."German".
- Hi. Nice water, here."- Federico said.
- Nobody takes a bath, here. Perhaps they are afraid ."-
She said, and saying so, she undressed and walked into the
The water was warm and she swim some minutes. After, she
went out, and lay over a rock. The sun began to dry her long
legs, big breast and stomach.
She was nude.
- You have a real body here !"- Federico gulped. He was
restraining himself, as he never paid too much attention to
his body needs...
- Calm down, German !"- She said, and began to laugh,
seeing Alfredonius ,bug-eyed, at fifty meters away.
- I am no German...but my mother was ."- Federico
- That funny guy , the one who is in that boulder, said
to me you were a German. So he almost was correct."- Uhura
- My mother was from Berlin. She went to the States, as
his father was accused of cruelty, at a school where he was
the General Inspector."- Federico explained.
- Relax."- She said, and dosed there, much to the
amusement of hundred of Latin people, who began to gather
around the spot, looking at the superb black beauty Uhura
Alfredonius went to her clothes, and began to scrub it
on the waters, as they were very filthy.
- You ! Who told to do that?- Federico asked, as he was
looking in another direction when the guy takes the clothes.
- Nobody ! But they are filthy ! Do you want the
Senorita looks filthy, do you ?
- Oh, you ...that garments will never get dry !"- Uhura
said, waking up.
- I cleanse them for you."- The guy said.
- Thanks. But how am I to return to my apartment ! And
all this people here ! I am the Medusa, or something ?"- She
asked, embarrassed.
- Take."- Alfredonius said, tossing her his shirt and
- But you will be in underpants !"- She exclaimed.
- Do not worry, Senorita ! I can manage. But you surely
cannot walk around as Eve in the Paradise !"- He said,
She puts the shirt, but the pants were too short for
her. Some laughing came from the mob .
- I cannot put on your trousers, friend. Take them."-
She said.
Alfredonius takes the pants, saying "- You need some
underpants. Use mine."
- Are you crazy ?! "- She asked, enraged.
- Take. - Federico said, handling his own trousers, that
were bigger than the precedent.
She used the pants and shirt, walking as a Queen among
her serfs. A silence where a pin should be heard falling
Alfredonius were at her side, smiling.
- Do not pay attention to this rustics, lady ! This guys
are accustomed to stare ! But they are not dangerous."- He
- Their looks told me they are quite a bit dangerous."-
Federico said.
- Why, were you followed by men, sometime ??-
Alfredonius asked, much to the amusement of Uhura, who
They arrived to her apartment. She let Alfredonius go
in, and she shut the door, as several other Latinos were
staring outside .
- Those males ! Guess they never saw a woman before !"-
She utters.
- Not like you."- Alfredonius replied fast.


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